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How to open an NRI trading and Demat account with KBS India Limited (KBSIL).

If you are an NRI, you can't use the regular resident Trading and Demat accounts to invest. This article provides the details of opening NRI accounts with KBSIL. KBSIL allows only offline account opening processes for its NRI clients. Steps to open NRI Trading and Demat account

Who can become an authorised person with KBSIL?

Across India anyone can be a KBSIL Authorised Person. Eligibility and qualification criteria include:

How much does an authorized person earn in India?

Authorised Person can be selected from fixed revenue per client or Brokerage sharing options. Any amount is the limit as far as earnings are concerned, since we have the variety of financial products and customization options for our security market partner.

what are the documents required to become KBSIL authorised person?

how to start an authorised person business?

Please call or WhatsApp 9820198210

how an authorised person can grow his business?

Please call or WhatsApp 9820198210 to know more in details.

what exactly is a commission?

A payment made to a representative or stock broking authorised person for handling a transaction or providing a service, especially: a portion of the funds that is received from the total amount paid to the representative in charge of the referral programs.

what are the terms and conditions for the KBSIL partner program?

Please call or WhatsApp 9820198210 to know more in details.

who is an Authorised Person?

An Authorised Person is an agent of a SEBI-registered stockbroker / intermediary like KBSIL who works for a commission. According to NSE, an authorised person is someone who doesn’t trade themselves but executes trades on behalf of clients.

what does an Authorised Person do?

Authorised Person’s main job is to execute buy and sell trades for clients that will drive business for the stockbroker. That’s why a sub-broker is known to act as a bridge between the stockbroker and clients. They act as an intermediary between the client and the stockbroker.

In exchange, an authorised person will receive a commission that’s generally in the form of profit sharing. At the same time, an authorised person can access the stockbroker’s resources ranging from their stock trading platform to features like APIs.

features of becoming a sub-broker

Becoming a sub-broker has monetary benefits along with ease of access. You get a commission in exchange for bringing new clients to the stockbroker and executing their trades. Here are the benefits of becoming authorised person with KBSIL:

how much do partners earn in a month, when and where will i receive the earnings generated from KBSIL?

how can I become Authorised Person?

Our approach towards our Business Partner is that of them being a shoulder to share responsibilities in the Mission of “Create Wealth Not Just Money”, an effort through expanding our Brand, Product and Services to the investors as a family member of KBSIL. All that we need from our Business Partners is passion to grow and strong spirit of Entrepreneurship

What is registration fee to become Authorized Person

Rs. 5000/- per segment (plus applicable Goods & Service Tax (GST))

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